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Man Kicked Out Of Homeless Shelter

A man was kicked out of a Summerville homeless shelter after he allegedly threatened people, according to Summerville Police reports.

Cops were called about 7 p.m. to the Hope Rebirth Homeless Shelter off Highland Avenue because of a suspicious acting person.

“Dispatch advised that Michael Gamble was inside the homeless shelter scaring and threatening people,” Officer Gary Pruitt stated. “Michael stated that he did not threaten people and that he was actually just talking to himself.”

Gamble was carrying four plastic handled kitchen knives in his jacket pocket. The homeless shelter does not want Gamble to return.

“Officers Advised Michael to not return to the shelter or he will be charged with criminal trespass,” Officer Pruitt stated.


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  1. John Smith on January 18, 2019 at 1:24 pm

    It doesn’t surprise me if people would check closer that’s not all that goes on at the homeless shelter.

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