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Lyerly To Purchase New Truck, Tractor


Staff Writer
Lyerly will seek bids on a new Kubota tractor and a Ford F-250.
Council voted unanimously to seek bids for the tractor and truck at its monthly meeting on Jan. 8.
The tractor is for the maintenance department and will be used for mowing, bush hogging and to pull a flail mower. It will be paid for out of SPLOST funds.
The truck will replace two older trucks which will be sold, according to Mayor Jim Ferguson. The town will take the money made off selling the older vehicles and add money from the general fund to pay for the new truck.
Ferguson indicated the older vehicles needed to be replaced because of wear and tear.
The town is also looking to make modifications to its new fire truck. The truck was purchased with money from a $25,000 grant and $50,000 loan from the United States Department of Agriculture.
The new fire truck cost approximately $50,000. The rest of the money was to be used for truck upgrades and turnout equipment.
Council also voted to purchase a storm water monitoring device designed to help water department employees locate leaks in the town’s sewer lines.
“When we get a lot of rain the system takes in more water than it should,” said Ferguson. “This device monitors the flow of water and will help us locate the site of infiltration.”
Council also agreed to replace a water meter at the home of Eugenia and Randy Patty. Mrs. Patty told council that despite attempts to locate a water leak at her residence, none had been found. She told council and mayor she believed her meter was faulty and requested “a little bit of help.”

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