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Monday’s Arrest Report

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  1. Erik L. Mann on January 21, 2019 at 5:14 pm

    When can the public expect to be told the entire truth behind the Santa in Uniform incident, and when can we be certain there are not more officers in our county sheriffs department not abusing steroids or other controlled substances? Every officer should be tested, and results made public. What about all the arrests those two deputies made for controlled substance possession or sales? How can the public be certain there was nothing honky about them? Our sheriffs dept has a LOT to prove to the citizens of this county. What about your deputies that stop people walk g down the road minding their own business and demanding ID, or questioning about where they are going, where they have been. Which is a violation of civil rights pure and simple. I call on Sheriff Schrader to restore the publics trust in his department by being transparent on investigations, and the results of drug screens on his deputies and investigators. I doubt the paper will even approve this comment. But it’s time that law enforcement in our county was made accountable, becomes more professional, and less confrontational and staffed by deputies with more morales, education, courtesy and temperament more suitable to public servants. You guys are not above the law, and you are nothing more than public servants who are hired to serve and protect. Not confront, escalate, abuse and intimidate. I’m not intimidated by any of you. I won’t be silenced, or harassed. Clean your acts up. We the people are watching and filming.

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