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Trion School Board Discusses AdvancED Review Underway


The Trion School Board discussed the AdvancED review at the schools that is underway. The committee has talked with teachers, students, board members, superintendent, parents and members of the community to gather information on how the Trion School System is doing.
Superintendent Phil Williams said he was pleased with the way things were going and felt that committee members were impressed with the Trion system.
Final results of the AdvancED review will be released at a later date.

The board approved its calendar for the 2019-2020 school year.
Superintendent Phil Williams said that there will probably be a change at a later date due to a probable scheduling conflict but wanted the board to go ahead and approve the calendar now.
Classes would begin for students on Friday, Aug. 2. The last day of classes would be May 22 with graduation to be held on May 23.

The board approved the financial statements for November 2018. The document said with 41.66 percent of the fiscal year complete, the system had received 40.76 percent of its budgeted revenue and made 42.64 percent of its budgeted expenditures.
The fund balance was $3,190,368.85 which includes $1-million assigned for capital projects.
* The board approve the SPLOST financial report. The system received $71,727.24 in November SPLOST funds and $69,930.35 in December SPLOST funds, plus $2,759.11 in interest. The total revenue on hand in the account was $1,408,197.38. The system has collected $415,219.12 in SPLOST funds beginning in July.
* The board approved the General Fund Obligation Bond Series;
* The board approved the school nutrition financial report;
* The board approved the schools’ quarterly financial reports.

In other business, the board:
* Heard a report on school enrollment;
* Heard the financial statement report of the Trion Band Boosters;
* Heard a report of the financial statement of the Bulldog Athletic Club.

In personnel action, the board:
* Approved the employment of Rose Major as a substitute custodian;
* Approved the employment of Wirarat Davis as a substitute in food service.

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