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Scammer Pretends To Be A Drug Agent

A Summerville woman’s identity was compromised after giving it to a scammer claiming to be a drug agent last week, according to Summerville Police reports.

Hattie Foster received a called from a woman claiming to be from the DEA and Social Security Fraud department. The scam artist claimed Foster’s address was found among two kilograms of cocaine discovered at the Mexican border.

“Ms. Foster advised that she had not been in Texas for nearly 30 years and definitely did not associate herself with anyone who used cocaine,” Officer Jo Stricklin reported.

The scam artist eventually pressured Foster into giving out her social security number and date of birth.

“The agent advised Ms. Foster she had the last four digits of the social security number but could not continue until she verified the rest and if she did not comply her social security number would be suspended,” Officer Stricklin reported.

The Summerville Policeman told Foster the phone call was a scam and that she needed to check with her bank and the social security office about the call.

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