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Power Company Warns Customers About Local Scam

North Georgia EMC (NGEMC) warns everyone to beware of utility scams operating in the area. NGEMC employees do not call or visit customers to disconnect power or collect payments. To verify that a caller represents NGEMC, hang up and call one of NGEMC’s published phone numbers. Utility scams that have been recently reported include:
Power bill discount scam – The caller offers a 25 percent discount on the electricity bill if an immediate payment of $100 is made. Remember that any call, email, or other message pushing you to act immediately is likely to be a scam. Also, if it seems too good to be true, it probably is.
Power disconnection scam – The caller claims to be a field technician and will disconnect power unless an immediate payment is made. The caller leaves a name, 1-800 phone number, employee number, and a disconnect/work order reference number. The phone number supplied by the scammer plays a recording: Thank you for calling North Georgia EMC. Your call may be monitored or recorded for quality assurance. If you know your party’s extension, you may enter it at any time. For customer service, please dial 0. NGEMC does not have a 1-800 number.
If someone calls you demanding immediate payment of your electric bill, hang up the phone and contact the local authorities. If someone comes to your home or business threatening to cut off power unless a payment is made, do not allow entry to your home, lock the door and contact local law enforcement.
If you have questions about your electric bill or about someone claiming to be a utility worker, call NGEMC at one of our published phone numbers. You may also report potential scams at NGEMC’s website:
To avoid utility scams, NGEMC offers these important reminders:
NEVER supply a credit card number, account numbers, or other personal information to an unsolicited caller.
The more threatening the caller the more likely that the call is a scam, especially those who threaten you with “immediate disconnection.”
NGEMC does not call customers asking for payment.
NGEMC workers and contractors DO NOT visit properties to collect payment or to disconnect power for nonpayment.
NGEMC does not accept PayPal and will not ask you to load money onto any kind of prepaid gift card such as Green Dot.
DO NOT CALL BACK a number supplied by an unsolicited caller to verify their company or identity. Anyone can record an audio greeting and use it for their own purposes.
Always use the published phone numbers for any company.
Report utility scams to NGEMC at
To avoid other types of consumer scams, keep these points in mind:
Government agencies like the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) will never call to inform you that you have unpaid taxes or other liens against you. You will always receive this type of information in the mail. If someone calls claiming to be the IRS, hang up.
If you receive an email from an unknown sender; an email with spelling errors and typos; or an email threatening action unless a sum of money is paid, do not click any links provided within the email and do not respond. Simply delete the message.
If someone calls your home claiming to have discovered a virus on your computer, hang up. This caller’s intent is to access personal information you may be keeping on your computer.
For more information about possible scams and how to protect yourself, visit our website at or call any of our offices: Dalton – 706.259.9441;
Fort Oglethorpe – 706.866.2231; Calhoun – 706.629.3160; Trion – 706.734.7341.
North Georgia EMC is a consumer-owned electric cooperative serving members in Catoosa, Chattooga, Floyd, Gordon, Murray, Walker and Whitfield counties.

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