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Speed Bumps Are Coming To Another Street

The City of Summerville is installing two speed bumps on Goodwin Drive, according to city officials.
The council unanimously voted to put them down temporarily and see how they affect traffic.
Some neighbors living along that street, those inside the city limits, signed a petition asking the city to install the 3-inch-tall speed bumps.
The traffic devices will be installed for 90 days.
“After the 90-day trial period, those will either be there permanently or we will look at another solution,” Mayor Harry Harvey said.
David Searles, who lives on that road, said the police can’t be there 24-hours a day and that’s why a speed bump is necessary.
“It’s an absolute racetrack on Goodwin Drive. You can’t back out of your driveway to go to church on Sunday . . . . You are taking your life into your own hands. You mowing the grass, you are a target. They see just how close they can get to you,” Searles said.
Another neighbor, Tommy and Christy Cox, said the traffic is a problem and the traffic calming devices will help.
“If your kids were out in the street, you would be hard pressed in getting them out of the street with how people drive,” Mrs. Cox said.

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