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(Updated) Highway 48 Is Being Closed

(10:55 pm Update: Chattooga Sheriff Mark Schrader: “Update on Hwy 48:

The Highway IS NOT shut down from Summerville City Limits to Menlo City Limits. Local traffic can take East Peach Orchard to Peach Orchard and back out at Pops Country store or to Hwy 337. All Commercial traffic will be routed to Lafayette and down Hwy 337 or Hwy 337 to Lafayette. Please share..”


((10:15 p.m. update: From Chattooga Schools Superintendent Jimmy Lenderman:The Chattooga County Schools will open at the normal time on Wednesday 27 February. Looks like the road is completely washed out on the road to Menlo at the barn dance. This should affect only one bus and we will reroute that. All buses will pick your children up at the normal time.)

(10p.m. Update: A Georgia DOT worker said the highway will be closed overnight and into the day on Wednesday.  They are working out detour routes now)

(9:15 p.m. Update: A storm drain has collapsed on Highway 48 near the Menlo Barn Dance. Currently, the road is being closed from Summerville to Menlo. However, Georgia  DOT is working on a detour. The road is closed until further notice. Also, sources said this will most likely affect school, work and other commuter traffic in the morning.)


Highway 48 from the city limits of Summerville to the city limits of Menlo is closed, according to Chattooga County 911.

A water line has ruptured and caused the road closure. The Georgia Department of Transportation said the highway is closed until further notice.

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