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Homeowner Holds Sleepy Intruder At Gunpoint

A stranger broke into Eric Brown’s house last Sunday and climbed into a bed, according to Summerville Police reports.

Brown grabbed his gun and held the man at gunpoint until cops arrived just before midnight.

“I went downstairs into the bedroom and made contact with a white male in the bed later to be identified as Thomas Blake Allred. I asked the male several times what was his name and the male just opened his eyes for a short period of time then closed them,” Officer Matt Wilson stated.

The intruder claimed he lived at the house. Officers suspected the man was on drugs.

“Officer Steve Bates found a Georgia Corrections ID in his wallet and the male stated that he had been in Paulding County RSAT.  I asked him why did he go to RSAT. He replied because of a drug addiction,” Officer Wilson stated.

The officer then found scales with suspected meth residue in Allred’s sock.

“I then read Miranda warning to Mr. Allred and he started to fall asleep on me,” Officer Wilson said.

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