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Secretary Arrested For Stealing Money From Berryton Firm


A 45-year-old secretary is accused of stealing from a Chattooga County business, according to court records.
Michelle Frazier, of 294 Taylor Street, in Summerville, was arrested this week for allegedly stealing money from North Georgia Textiles, according to Sheriff Mark Schrader.
The manager of the Berryton Recycling Plant initially accused Frazier of embezzling and misreporting how much she worked.
Originally, the recycling plant manager, Brett Ragsdale, reported that Frazier took more than $29,000. But so far, she is only being arrested for taking $8,000.
“Frazier, did appropriate property of North Georgia Textiles with the intentions of depriving the company of property,” Inv. Eddie Stroup said.
She is accused of writing checks in August, October and one day in January to herself, according to arrest information.
“Mr. Ragsdale left a folder of evidence. I advised Mr. Ragsdale that a report would be done and turned over to investigations,” Deputy Nicole Sprague reported.
Frazier was arrested for theft by taking.

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