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Woman Barred From Running On Certain Road

A Summerville woman is being accused of breaking a court order when she jogged on a county road Saturday morning, according to a Chattooga County Sheriff’s report.

Kelly Veatch, of Frontier Circle, has a good behavior order against Corinne Beckner. The order allegedly bars Beckner from being on Frontier Circle, according to Deputy David King.

“Ms. Veatch stated there is a Good Behavior Order in effect restricting Corinne Beckner from being on her property or on the roadway in front of her residence. Ms. Veatch stated she has pictures of Ms. Beckner running in front of her residence on a cell phone,” Deputy King reported.

Veatch and Beckner went to court last month because of Great Danes. Beckner told the court that one of Veatch’s dogs bit her. The order from the judge came out of this court hearing about the animal bite case.

I did not locate anyone on the roadway at the time of report,” Deputy King stated.

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