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Two Lyerly Residents Are Missing A Wallet



Two Lyerly residents have lost their wallets, according to Chattooga County Sheriff’s reports on last Thursday. Lois Reed, of Ball Field Road, Lyerly, is missing a wallet. She might have lost it at the local nursing home or Walmart last Thursday.

Ms. Reed stated her and her daughter went to Walmart but she knew she left it in the car and after they left Walmart they went to the nursing home and stayed there for a few hours. I asked if they had locked the doors when they went inside and she stated they had but the passenger window was cracked open. I then asked if the door was still locked when they returned to the vehicle and she stated it was,” Deputy Derek Mitchell reported.

Another Lyerly resident, Chastidy Noel Zeno, also lost a wallet at Walmart in a buggy. It contained various cards and personal information.


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