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Woman Seeking Part-Time Work Falls For Scam

A woman looking for a part-time job is the victim on a scam, according to Chattooga County Sheriff’s reports.
Wendelin Brown was looking for work when a popup advertisement appeared on her computer Friday.
“Ms. Brown advised that she was looking for another job and stated that she looked into a company named American Hope Resource as she looked into the company she advised that she was contacted by a female named Diene Torris who advised her that she need her bank account information in order to put money onto the account so she could make money. Ms. Brown stated that she said no at first but the company called several times asking the same questions. Ms. Brown advised that she took a chance and gave the information to a Ms. Diene Torris and within minutes there was $1,500 dollars in her account,” Deputy Marvin Armstrong III stated.
She was then told to purchase a Visa debit card and take pictures of them. While doing that, United Community Bank called Brown and told her this was a scam.

“United Community Bank called and asked her if she deposited a check this morning. Ms. Brown stated that she didn’t but a company did. The bank informed Ms. Brown that the check was a fraudulent check. At this time Ms. Brown went straight to the bank to see what she had to do where the bank advised her that she needed a police report,” Deputy Armstrong stated.

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