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Students Walkout In Protest

A couple of hundred of Chattooga High students walked out briefly in protest of system officials changing the school calendar from a 4-day school week to a 5-day week.
The protest was peaceful and a few students had signs supporting the 4-day week. The walkout was approved by Superintendent Jimmy Lenderman, according to officials.

“They didn’t let them stand around. They either went to class or went to the center of the football field,” Chattooga Sheriff Mark Schrader said, who was on hand to make sure everything operated safely. “They gave them five minutes is all that they would allow them to stay. . . .I talked with a dozen or so students and no one was disrespectful.”
Some students chanted peacefully but most walked around and talked with each other. Then the students sang the school’s alma mater.
The protest lasted about five minutes and the students orderly went back into the school.

“I think it was handled well and I did not see an issue,” the sheriff said. “I think it went as smooth as it could go.”


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  1. Erik Mann on March 21, 2019 at 7:00 pm

    why was sheriff schrader present during this walk out protest? why is it necessary for law enforcement to be present at what was a peaceful demonstration? its time for a change in the board of education. if john agnew wants to run it like a dictator he needs to be removed from office. he is a embarrasment to our county

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