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Summerville Police reports . . .

* Cherie Elizabeth Castro, 33, of Pine Hill Apartments, Summerville, was jailed Friday for shoplifting several cans of beer from the Circle K convenience store on Commerce Street. “Ms. Castro stated she did take the beer for another person named John. Ms. Castro was on video taking the items,” Summerville Policeman Lebron Jackson reported.
* Robert Sanchez Williamson, 21, of Rome, was arrested for possession of less than an ounce of marijuana on Sunday evening. He was sitting in a driveway on Allen Street allegedly smoking marijuana when Officer Jackson caught him.
* Robert Matthew Snider, 26, of Dalton, was jailed around 2 a.m. Sunday for public intoxication and disorderly conduct. “Mr. Snider was at 72 East Street in Summerville beating on the front door with a four-way lug wrench,” Officer Jackson reported. “Mr. Snider could not give a reason for being in the vicinity and on the homeowner’s porch. The homeowner stated he did not know who Mr. Snider was.”
* Voe Hayes, of 10 Orchard Road, Summerville, is receiving harassing text messages. One threat involved violence. Now cops have those text messages.
* A George’s Kwik convenience store employee spotted a white guy stealing a can of Ronson Ultra Butane fuel valued at $2.69. The man left without paying for the lighter fluid on Saturday morning.
* Jessie Adams said someone stole her grandson’s Hot Wheels style electric toy Jeep valued at $799. The item was taken March 25 from Seventh Street.
* A Marvin’s Home Builder Supply employee witnessed a man leaving the store through a side entrance with a large brown bag containing a Milwaukee 18 volt hammer drill valued at $349.99. The man was last seen walking toward Jack’s Restuarant.
* Some neighborhood children shot holes in Ashley Duran’s kitchen windows on Sunday afternoon with a pellet gun. They also hit her storm door. Officers talked with the parents who said they would settle up with the homeowner on damages. The incident happened at Duran’s home on Northwest Congress Street.


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