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Menlo City Council Approves Garbage Rate Hike To $8.90

After a presentation from Mike Wright, of Wright’s Sanitation Service, the city council approved a small rate hike for garbage service. Council member John Vanhorn was sworn in for a new term by Mayor Theresa Canada.
Mike Wright told the council that the garage rate hike to $8.90 per customer per month would be the same rate that they charge the other towns they serve. He said Menlo’s present rate averages around $8.33 a month now.
“Our insurance has doubled this year and that was due to accidents,” Wright said.
“You do a good job for Menlo, I never hear any complaints about the garbage service,” council member Chuck Powell said.
The council voted unanimously for the hike.
The hike will become effective when the next water bills are sent out.
“That is the first increase that I know of on the garbage service in 15 years,” Powell added.
“I’ve been here 17 years and there has never been an increase,” council member Patti Settoon said.
The council also discussed the possibility of cutting a tree on LaFayette Street that was maybe on the city right of way that is in need of cutting before it falls.
It was questioned whether the tree was on the right of way or on private property.
“It looks like it could fall any minute,” board member Carol Mitchell said.
The council also discussed the billing system. After a discussion, the council instructed Town Clerk Tim Day to check with other towns and cities around and see what they are paying and what system they are using.
The council will compare maybe changing the system in next month’s council meeting.
Council member Settoon said there was a complaint that on Edison Street there was a Mustang car that speeds on the roadway near the park where children play and people are pulling out from the park.
The council is looking at and seeking bids on a new roof at the bank building they purchased. They plan to move city hall to the building after it is remodeled.
The council is also looking for contractors to do the remodeling of the building.

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