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Man Tried Selling Stolen Gas Station Item At Trade Day

A Cartersville man allegedly stole a cigarette lighter from a local store and then tried selling it at Trade Day in Pennville on Saturday, according to a Summerville Police report.

An employee at George’s Kwik Service gas station spotted 64-year-old James Brooks stealing a lighter.

“The male was observed to grab a lighter from a display at the counter and put it into his right pocket as he was looking back at the clerk who was away from the counter. During this process, the male knocked another lighter out of the display and feverishly put it back while the clerk was approaching the register. The male spoke to the clerk about some new shows in a box he had from Walmart he was trying to sell. The male told the clerk he was trying to get some money up to make it back to Canton. The male and clerk had a conversation indicating that the male would be going to Trade Day in an attempt to sell the items he had,” Officer Phillip Cox stated.

Brooks was discovered at Trade Day. He was trying to sell the shoes and the $5.34 lighter he allegedly took from George’s.

He was charged with shoplifting, according to an incident report.

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  1. Erik Mann on April 10, 2019 at 12:12 am

    nice to know our local law enforcement is really targeting all the serious crime. now i feel much safer. anyone that would steal and resale a cigarette lighter is obviously a real threat to the community. great job!

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