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Monsters And Worms Attack . . .

Escaping “monsters and worms,” coming out of the ground, Anthony G. Stricklin drove his red 2002 Chevrolet S-1o to the Summerville Police station seeking help on Sunday afternoon, according to an incident report.

Officers watched as 57-year-old Stricklin parked in front of the Summerville Fire Department’s bay doors and blocked it. He jumped out of the truck, left his door open and went into the police department, according to a report.

“[Stricklin] was asking for help with monsters and worms coming out of [the] ground killing people in his yard,” Officer Phillip Cox stated. “Mr. Stricklin also states that monster fish as big as dolphins were jumping in his lake at his house. At first, I was thinking Mr. Stricklin was having some type of mental issue.”

The smell of alcohol, however, caught the attention of Officer Cox. The cop also noticed Stricklin’s speech was slurred and raspy at times, according to a report.

“Mr. Stricklin stated that he had been trying to recruit help; to help him fight the monsters but wasn’t having any luck, so he was asking us to help him,” Officer Cox stated.

Stricklin then admitted he had consumed five beers,  a pint of whiskey and taking Hydrocodone, according to a police report. The officer performed field sobriety and Stricklin blew 17.8 grams on a field Alco-sensor test.

“Mr. Stricklim admits that taking Hydrocodone and drinking alcohol is probably not a good idea and possibly comes with a medical warning and he also admits it was not safe for him to be driving while in this condition,” Officer Cox stated. “Mr. Stricklin became less concerned about the monster situation as time progressed. Mr. Stricklin was very cordial and cooperative and calm by the end of the incident.”

Stricklin was arrested for DUI, according to a police report.



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