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Hindering 911 Call Results In City Woman Being Arrested

If someone is making an emergency 911 call, it’s against the law to hinder them, according to Chattooga County Sheriff’s reports.

Deputies were dispatched to 96 South Second Street in Summerville during the early morning hours Monday. Pamela Bynum, 49, is accused of preventing James Timmons from making a 911 call.
“[Bynum] chased the caller yelling and screaming that he better not be calling the cops as well as was reaching to grab the phone while chasing the caller around the house,” Deputy Josiah Hemm reported.
Bynum was arrested for hindering a person making an emergency telephone call, according to jail reports.
“Mr. Timmons advised that Mrs. Pamela Bynum was getting in everyone’s face at that residence yelling and cussing at them nonstop. Mr. Timmons advised he could not take it anymore, so he went to call 911 but in the process of connecting on the phone with dispatch he had Mrs. Bynum yelling at him saying “You better not be calling the law.” While Mr. Timmons was on the phone with dispatch, Mrs. Bynum was chasing him through the house trying to grab the phone all the way up until the point Mr. Timmons locked himself in a closet holding the door shut until myself and other deputies arrived on scene. I also had two witnesses that advised Mrs. Bynum was chasing him through the house trying to get the phone,” Deputy Hemm stated.

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