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Someone Burglarized A County Dumpsite, “Too Lazy” To Steal Air Conditioner

A thief caused about $100 worth of damage while trying to steal items from a Chattooga County owned dumpsite south of Summerville, according to a sheriff’s report.

Wednesday morning a County Public Works employee, Sam Smith, arrived at the garbage convenience center located at 7553 Hwy. 27 and found a small building on the property was damaged.

The window air conditioning unit had been pulled out of the window and was found just a few feet away. Also, the heating unit had been pulled off the wall,” Deputy Nicole Sprague stated.

The air conditioning unit was found in a nearby wood line. According to Public Works Director Joe Reed, he said it appeared the thief just got tired of toting it and left it behind. Or, he said it was possible they were spooked or left it in the woods and planned to come back later to retrieve it.

The incident has been turned over to investigators.



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