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Alleged Punch In The Eye Turns Into A DUI Arrest

A “rolling domestic” dispute between a local couple resulted in a DUI arrest Wednesday morning, according to Summerville Police reports.

Officer Phillip Cox found the couple parked at the dead end of East Fourth Street around 10:48 a.m. Johnny Michael Price was standing at the driver’s door of a white Crown Victoria and Peggy Perry was standing at the passenger’s side.

“Johnny accused Peggy of hitting him in the eye as he was driving down the road and Peggy states that Johnny had struck her in the eye,” Officer Cox stated.

The squabble started on Rocky Hollow Road where the couple was “attempting to get polk salad,” according to Johnny. The officer noted Johnny smelled like alcohol, slurred his speech and his clothes were disheveled.

“She slapped me. I can’t even hardly hear. I can’t hardly even hear and I’m just going to let her beat me up while I’m driving. She just slapped me in the face while I was driving,” Johnny told Officer Cox. “She is not going to beat me up and slap me while I’m driving.”

Johnny was arrested for DUI, according to jail reports.




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