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Man Bites Another During A Squabble

A 29-year-old Gore man attacked and bit his uncle during a domestic disturbance Saturday on Fourth Street in Summerville, according to police reports.

Brandon Montgomery, of 827 Ben Mosley Circle, was arrested for battery and disorderly, according to jail reports.

Brodrick Haynes, 38, said his nephew initiated a verbal confrontation with him.

“The dispute quickly became physical and at one point during the affray [Montgomery] bit him on the upper left back area. [Haynes] had a large open bite wound on his upper left back area,” Summerville Police Lt. Tim Fulmer stated.

Haynes was also arrested that day, according to reports.

“[Haynes was] in a physical altercation with nephew. [Haynes] admitted smoking marijuana within the hour,” Officer Roy Williams stated.

Haynes was arrested for disorderly conduct, according to jail reports.

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