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Three People Are Arrested For For Burglarizing Barn Dance

Deputies keeping a keen eye on the community are being credited for helping to catch three people who allegedly burglarized a Menlo-area dance hall on April 16.

Sheriff’s Investigator Jason Burrage said the deputies on the road division helped catch the people that stole food, alcohol, pills, money and a flashlight from the Barn Dance at 5337 Hwy. 48.
The Barn Dance, owned by Diane and Bud Crowe, was burglarized during the early morning hours. Deputies driving through the area remember a specific vehicle around the Barn Dance and Hwy. 48 that night. In fact, one deputy had helped the driver put gasoline into her car after being stranded nearby, according to Inv. Burrage.
Another deputy saw the same car on the Barn Dance’s parking lot.
“Ms. Crowe stated that they come by and feed their cats every evening and that the previous night everything was secure,” Deputy Thomas Sainthill reported. “I did observe the damage to the door where the hasp was pried off.”
The missing items were valued at $124, according to an incident report.
The owners were able to give a detail description of the missing items. The description was so good that it helped the investigator catch the thieves.
Inv. Burrage collaborated with the deputies and discovered who was driving the suspicious vehicle. He then went to Starling Mill Road, near Lyerly, to check their residence. The investigator found some of the stolen items.
Arrested for the burglary were: Amber Leann Woods, Thomas Raymond Vine and Katherine Nicole Medley.
All three were arrested for second-degree burglary, theft by taking and criminal trespassing, according to jail records.

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