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Trion Buys New Gas Truck; Nixes Paving Parking Lot

Staff Writer
In a somewhat brief meeting last Thursday, the Trion Town Council approved buying a new service truck for the gas department. They also approved speed breakers for Gray Street, concrete work at the recreation department and did not get a motion on paving the parking lot behind city hall.
Prater Ford’s bid was the low bid received of four in the amount of $35,183.24 for the service truck. Mickey McGraw made the motion to accept the Prater Ford bid and the motion passed unanimously.
A discussion was held on the recreation department concrete project. The project would include 17,329 square feet of concrete.
The only bid came in for $53,000 from A-1 Cement Finishing and Recreation Director Rusty Brown gave the council an overview of what the project would consist of.
Council member Don Harris made the motion to approve the project and be paid for with money the county gives the recreation department.
Council member Becky McWhorter said she looked up on her notes that the council agreed to use that money to pay for the tennis courts.
Mayor Larry Stansell said that the tennis courts would be paid for by a $100,000 grant.
“I don’t like to spend money before we know for certain that we are going to get it,” McWhorter said.
She added that was her only concern about the paving project at the recreation center.
“She brought up a good point, does anybody know when we will get the $100,000?” McGraw asked. “Were there any stipulations on the completion date?”
Mayor Stansell said the town needs to get in touch with GEMA about maybe moving the proposed tennis courts someplace else so they don’t have to wait on GEMA’s or FEMA’s approval.
The mayor said that the tennis courts could be moved back to the original site and fix the drainage issues that had arisen.
“That very well might be the route we need to take,” Rec Director Brown said.
Council member McGraw asked the town’s attorney, Albert Palmour about what the town needs to do and he said, “I have an opinion, I think you are going to have to go back to the original site. I don’t think you are going to get the approval of the relocation because of the flood plain issues.”
The town’s attorney added that he didn’t know if they would get the okay by June to move the tennis courts or if they could get another extension on the grant.
“You are sort of prohibiting yourself for other grant applications because you haven’t completed this one,” Palmour said. “You need to get the grant done as soon as possible so you can apply for another grant.”
The motion was seconded by Wilson. The vote was 3-2 with council members McGraw and McWhorter voting against the project.
No motion was offered on paving the parking lot at Town Hall.
The council approved putting in speed breakers on Gray Street.
A survey was made and 21 of the 23 homes on the street signed a petition wanting the speed humps on Gray Street. One voted no and one voted they were unsure.
A motion was made to add the speed humps and the motion was approved unanimously.

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