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Chattooga County Sheriff’s reports. . . .

The following reports were released by the Chattooga County Sheriff’s office today . . .

  • Richard Rape said that someone damaged his blue 1996 Pontiac Sunfire that was sitting at 10 Carol Drive on Saturday. “I noticed the back glass of his Pontiac Sunfire had been shattered. There were two rocks on the back glass. Mr. Rape,” Deputy Daniel Sanford reported. ” Mr. Rape said that he did not have full coverage on the vehicle but requested a report for future reference.”
  • Tammy Everett was driving on Norton Road when something struck and broke the back glass of her gold 2005 Toyota Sienna on Friday afternoon. “I did observe the back glass broken out. Miss Everett advised that someone was mowing the yard at the house just before Norton Road and an object had come from the mower into her back window,” Deputy Nicole Sprague stated.
  • Charles Palmer, of Ridge Road, said two dogs came onto his property and killed give goats and injured three others Friday afternoon. “He further advised that he had the dogs in the goat pen at this time,” Deputy Rebecca Farmer stated. 

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