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Summerville Police Reports. . . .

The following incidents happened during the past few days, according to Summerville Police reports. They include:

  • Zayvian M. Underwood, of Cherry Avenue, said someone deposited $2,326.44 into his checking account on Friday. Then someone withdrew the money from both his savings and checking account which left his account negative $2,339.52, Officer Lt. Tim Filmer stated.
  • Barbara Lemming, of Bankston Avenue, said someone mowing her property cut down two large flowering plants on the right front side of her apartment.
  • Christopher M. Cook, of Scoggins Street, said someone struck the front of his residence with eggs around Friday.

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  1. Erik Mann on May 14, 2019 at 4:32 am

    a police report on some guy mowing a yard and cutting down 2 flowers. really?

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