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Ankle-Monitor Wearing Lady Nabbed For Drugs Again

A court-ordered ankle monitor did not keep a 33-year-old Summerville woman away from methamphetamine, according to Summerville Police reports.

Crystal Bates, of 541 James Street, allegedly tried dodging a roadblock at the intersection of West First Street and Lewis Street last week. Officer Phillip Cox jumped into his patrol car and followed after Bates who was driving a black SUV that did not have a tag. She stopped on West First Street, according to an incident report.

“Crystal provided me her Georgia’s driver license and appeared to be nervous. Crystal was also wearing an ankle monitor and was out awaiting bed space for a rehab,” Officer Cox stated.

Bates pleaded guilty in July 2018 to possession of a controlled substance and was sentenced to three years probation and complete a 9-month inpatient substance abuse treatment program. Bates was allowed out of jail until bed space came available at the treatment center. However, the judge ordered her to wear an ankle monitor.

Now Bates drug problems are compounding as officers found meth during last week’s traffic stop.

“I grabbed her wrist to make her aware I had seen it and to retrieve the bag. Crystal dropped the bag and I collected it. I asked Crystal if it was meth and she stated she would assume so,” Officer Cox stated.

Cops also found a clear glass tube pipe with a bubble at one end.

“The pipe had visible burn marks and a white crystalline residue of suspected methamphetamine,” Officer Cox stated.

Bates was charged with possession of meth and possession of drug-related objects, according to jail reports.


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