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Strange Acting Woman Arrested For Meth

“Lisa had some tools in her hand, being a file, a wrench and a screwdriver. I asked Lisa was she having car trouble and she stated yes and we referring to having to push maybe the fuel reset button in the trunk to get her car to crank. I noticed and advised Lisa that her vehicle was already running,” Summerville Policeman Phillip Cox stated in his incident report.

The officer spotted 56-year-old Lisa Barker standing in the Department of Family and Children Service’s parking lot on Hwy. 48 around 5 p.m. Friday. The officer noticed Barker’s movements and “exaggerated mannerism while driving by the government office. He even took a video of her movements to document it.

“I asked Lisa would she show me what she had been working on and she opened the trunk and had pulled some of the carpet back on the driver side and was referring to that spot. I am familiar with these types of switches in cars and did not locate this switch in that side nor could Lisa. Lisa said she wiggled a wire to get it running but was confused and could not remember where the wire she wiggled was located,” Officer Cox reported.

As the officer continued to talk with Barker and search the vehicle, Cox discovered methamphetamine. She was arrested for possession of meth, according to jail records.


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