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Arrested: Woman Claims She Really Didn’t Call 911

A Steven Street woman claims she really didn’t call 911 asking for help on Friday afternoon, according to Summerville Police reports.

However, cops arrested 26-year-old Monica B. Jones for disorderly conduct.

“[Jones] was in an argument with her boyfriend. She then called 911 wanting an officer and hung up the phone. [Jones] would not answer her phone when 911 called her back. [Jones] refused to give her name and advised she did not call 911. [Dispatchers at 911] called the number that showed up on their console. When they called it back, her phone rang,” Officer Steve Bates reported.

Also reported during the past week, according to incident reports, included:

  • Sarah Dennett Lockamy, 28, of 20 Woods Street, Summerville, was arrested for disorderly conduct on Saturday afternoon.

“[She] had a verbal disagreement with her boyfriend’s wife over a laundry issue. [Lockamy] while aggressively upset, confronted her boyfriend about the mater while she was sewing on a Boy Scout shirt. [Sh] admitted to physically removing the shirt from the boyfriend being Michael Carico’s hands to show him how it felt. [Lockamy] then did push Mr. Carico while he was on the bed and caused red scratches and minor abrasions to his front shoulder area,” Officer Cox reported.

  • Olivia McAffery, of Bellah Avenue, said a prowler came to her back door on Monday morning. She heard a noise and went to check to see if it was her husband. She didn’t see her husband but did notice the door was propped open with no one there.

“She called her husband to see if he had come by the residence but found that he was in Dalton,” Officer David Westbrooks reported. “No signs of forced entry could be found on the door. Officers searched the neighborhood but were unable  to locate anyone.”

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