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Summerville Resident’s Pet Killed During Dog Attack

A Summerville man was cited for violating the leash law after a dog he was taking care of attacked and killed a neighbor’s pet on Sunday morning, according to Summerville Police reports.

Jason Alexander, of Roosevelt Street, witnessed a bulldog killed Stephanie Blaylock’s small dog.

“He described the bulldog as aggressive and that it was dragging a chain. He stated the dog was now at 45 Roosevelt Street and he had the little dog down there also,” Officer Phillip Cox reported.

The officer went to the neighbor’s house and spotted the deceased small dog along with several other dogs, including the bulldog described by the witness. The alleged aggressive dogs belonged to the Sniders, or being taken care of by the Sniders.

“The owner of the little dog, Stephanie Blaylock, states that she had let her little dog out to use the bathroom around 8:32 a.m. and had been alerted by Mr. Alexander that her dog had been killed. Stephanie’s son retrieved the deceased dog for his mother,” Officer Cox reported. “Stephanie realized that her dog should not have been in the roadway no more than the dog that killed her dog. Although sad about her dog, Stephanie hated to see Bobby getting a leash law citation when he just had the dogs to help someone else,” officer Cox reported.

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