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Summerville Police Reports. . .

Cops were called to 77 Third Avenue to investigate a domestic disturbance, according to Summerville Police reports.

Charlsie Ragland said her ex-lover just got out of prison and came over to her residence yesterday afternoon. He became irate while she was talking on the telephone and wanted her to hang up.

The ex-boyfriend then threatened to punch her pregnant stomach and slap her face, Officer Matt Wilson reported. The ex-boyfriend, 23-year-old Justin Reynolds, would not allow her to leave the house by blocking the doorway. After making it outside, the ex-boyfriend struck her in the back of the head while she was holding her young son, according to a police report.

Reynolds then took the child away and started walking north on Woods Street. Ragland had to run after him to get the child back.

A simple battery warrant is being sought for Reynold’s arrest, according to police reports.

Other incidents reported recently, according to incident reports, include:

  • Martha Donovan, of Jones Street, Summerville, reported that someone stole a lot of her summer clothing from her residence. She believes the clothing disappear around Christmas when she was in the hospital and away from the residence for a period.
  • William and Jeremy Phillips said they were defrauded by an acquaintance. They gave this person money to pay their rent and utilities. They realized this month that bills didn’t get paid and they called cops to investigate.

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