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Castro Arrested For Criminal Trespassing

A 33-year-old Summerville woman was arrested for criminal trespassing on Saturday, according to police reports.

Demerius Wiggins called 911 asking for police to come to his Pine Hill Apartment.

“Mr. Wiggins stated that Cherie Castro had crawled into his window and ripped up his shirts and pulled out all the dresser drawers to find her cellphone,” Officer Matt Wilson reported.

Cops looked throughout the house but couldn’t find her phone. Mr. Wiggins then told cops that he didn’t want Castro coming back. Cops then informed her not to return or she would be arrested for criminal trespassing.

Later in the day, cops returned to look for Castro’s phone again. They didn’t find the phone but they did find Castro, according to reports.

“I asked Ms. Castro why was her pocketbook in Mr. Wiggins’ apartment and she did not give me an answer and kept repeating that Mr. Wiggins had her cellphone,” Officer Wilson reported.



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