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Motorist Strikes Rocks That Fell Off County Public Works Truck

Phillip C. Wofford topped a hill on Hwy. 27 near Lake Wanda Rieta Road and noticed rocks scattered in the roadway. He could not stop or avoid them yesterday.

“Mr. Wofford advised his oil pan was damaged by the rock,” Deputy Nicole Sprague stated.

Wofford was driving a blue 1996 Toyota Avalon.

The rocks came from the back of a Chattooga County Public Works truck driven by Joshua Wolford. They came out as Wolford turned left off the highway and onto Lake Wanda Rieta Road.

“Joe Reed the director of the Chattooga County Public Works was on scene as well. Mr. Reed called LuAllen’s to tow the vehicle to a garage to have it fixed,” according to a sheriff’s report.

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