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Two Men Arrested After Brawl On Seventh Street In Summerville

Two men were arrested after fighting in front of Summerville Police officers on Thursday night, according to a police report.

Officers Ricky Van Pelt and Steve Bates were dispatched to the intersection of Highland Avenue and Seventh Street to investigate a disturbance. They found George Johnson crossing the road and had visible signs of being in a fight.

“Mr. Johnson had a knot on his right eye, a bloody nose and mouth.  Also [he had] a knot on his right arm close to his elbow,” Officer Bates stated.

Johnson accused Adrian Hudgins of the assault and pointed out where he lived. The officers went to Hudgins’ house and were told to leave. Before leaving, Johnson told the officers he did not want to press charges against Hudgins.

Then around 10:50 p.m., officers were called back to Seventh Street.

“Upon arrival officers observed two subjects on the ground fighting. Mr. Adrian Hudgins and Scotty Walker were fighting. According to Mr. Walker, Mr. Hudgiins had pushed his wife who is also Scotty’s sister,” Officer Bates stated.

Both Hudgins and Walker were jailed for disorderly conduct, according to police records.


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