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Pit Bulldogs Cause Issue In Trion

A Trion resident said he fears a neighbor’s pit bulldogs will hurt his small grandchild, according to Trion Police reports.

Bryant Park, of Tenth Street, said he walked outside his house Sunday morning and was greeted by two pit bulldogs in his yard. He yelled at them to go away and one growled at him and the other turned toward him in an aggressive manner, Trion Policeman Dewayne Tinney stated.

“[Park] went to the owners to tell them what happened. He stated [the dog’s owner] said the dogs were not aggressive and he better not hurt her dogs. Mr. Park told her that if they came in his yard he would protect his family and his small grandchild however necessary,” Officer Tinney reported.

The officer talked with the owner of the put bulldogs, Marsha Marsh, and said animal control would be called if the dogs escaped from their enclosure and were aggressive toward anyone in the future.

“Ms. Marsh advised me that the dogs were not aggressive and they would not hurt her  and I advised that if we got a call that they were out again and being aggressive we would have to call animal control,” the officer stated.

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