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Trion Council Okays Two New Tennis Courts; Paving Approved

After months of discussion, the Town of Trion Council unanimously approved building two new tennis courts. The council also approved paving a parking lot across the street from the Veterans Memorial Park and next to the school superintendent’s office.
“It has been suggested that we move them,” Mayor Larry Stansell said. “The drainage issue is one that has to be repaired if they are moved to where they presently are.”
Stansell said the council needs to figure out what the council wants to do and move forward.
“We are already out of time,” he added. “There are decisions that are going to have to be made on how to proceed.”
The council had been waiting to find out if they could move the courts to a new location from FEMA. That decision has not been made.
‘Brandon, do you think you can fix the drainage part over there?” council member Becky Wright asked.
“Yes mam, I have looked at it pretty thoroughly and it will be no problem,” Croy answered.
“Rusty (Brown) are you on board on putting them back where they are?” Wright asked the recreation director.
“Yes,” Brown answered.
“What is your turnkey number again?” council member Mickey McGraw asked.
“$86,670.57,” Brown said.
McGraw made the motion to build the two tennis courts and moving forward.
“We will get Brandon to fix the drainage issues and we will have a turnkey job on the tennis courts where they were,” Mayor Stansell said.
The price includes the two championship tennis courts, fences, lighting, electrical box and windscreen.
Wright seconded the motion and it passed unanimously.

The council discussed a drainage issue on Moore, Gray and Tavern Lane.
“Brandon has been down and looked at it and it is far greater in scope than the work that we feel comfortable getting into,” Mayor Stansell said. “We need to bid that out.”
The council voted unanimously to seek bids on doing that project and compare it to piggy-backing with the county.

The town received a bid for $66,248 to pave a parking lot for the track field beside the superintendent’s office which is across the street from the Veterans Memorial Park at the track field.
The motion to pave the parking lot passed unanimously.

The town was looking at fixing gas mains on Sunset, Shady and the south end of Elm Street.
“Right now, those lines are metal,” Mayor Stansell told the council. “They are bare steel and are no longer acceptable.”
Stansell said the town was mandated to change all of that.
The town will contract getting mains bored in and the town’s gas department will do the rest. The council voted unanimously to contract the first part out and have town crews do the rest of the work.

The town received four bids and one quote for a shed at the maintenance department.
Bandini Construction was the low bidder at $95,345.
“We also have a quote from Pace Construction for $97,000 to build it out of wood instead of metal,” Mayor Stansell said. “The start date for Pace is the first of 2020. Everybody in the construction business is covered up right now.”
The council voted on a motion by council member Don Harris to table the project to give the council more time to look into the project.

The council is looking at adding a slip-resistant coating on the Splash Pad, the area around the Splash Pad and the breezeway through the new building.
The quote was $25,000 for the project.
Recreation Director Rusty Brown had looked at the quality of the product and said he was very satisfied with it.
“We have spent a lot of money over there,” council member Becky Wright said.
Councilmember Don Harris made a motion to just do the Splash Pad area for $15,500. Linda Ingle seconded the motion and it passed 3-2 with Mickey McGraw and Becky Wright voting against the project.

In other business, the council:
* Confirmed hiring two new summer employees. Luis Gonzales in the Public Works Department and Seth Wilson in the Wastewater Treatment plant.
* Approved $34,820 to Dixie Dye for the roadway entrance at the industrial park.
* Approved the budget for Denim Days this year for $20,000.
* Approved changing the next meeting to June 27 instead of the regular date of June 20.
* Approved a resolution to continue to be a City of Ethics.
* Passed a resolution for accepting the $300,000 CHIP grant the town has received to help residents maintain homes.

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