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Man Arrested For Dumpster Diving

A Summerville man was arrested after dumpster diving in the early morning hours Wednesday, according to police reports.
A witness spotted 46-year-old Terry Lynn Byrge, of Fourth Street, in Summerville, going through dumpsters at the garbage transfer station on Stockade Road. The witness noticed Byrge in the dumpsters around 2:45 a.m.
“[I] received a call from E-911. [I] witnessed subject removing items from inside the dumpster. [I] found Mr. Byrge inside dumpster hidden from officer,” Summerville Policeman Lebron Jackson stated.
Surveillance cameras now watch over Chattooga County’s main garbage station on Stockade Road. They were installed in Sept. 2018. Officials hoped it would deter scavengers.
It’s a misdemeanor to climb into or grab items out of a dumpster, Sheriff Mark Schrader told The News last year. It’s considered as a form of criminal trespassing.
Monday mornings seem to be the worse, according to County Public Works Director Joe Reed. People will crawl into the dumpsters, slice open garbage bags and then look through them. Not only can people contract a number of diseases, but they also created a big cleanup job for county workers.
The video feed will be recorded and monitored, officials said. The sheriff wants to monitor the dumpsite’s three camera angles from the county jail.
Byrge was arrested for loitering and prowling, according to police reports.


  1. JoAnn Thomas on July 3, 2019 at 11:21 pm

    I do it and help people.A little girl didn’t have Christmas decoration’s last year should have seen her eye’s lite up.Thank God for the dumpster.Clothes i have gave to people That didn’t have any.Help people when there home burned. I have respect I do not make a mess i clean up other people mess when i’m there.I don’t feel like i’m doing wrong .They even say dumpster dive on T.V.

    • Pat Boykin on July 6, 2019 at 3:32 pm

      I never thought that I would live to be in my old age and see people arrested for dumpster diving to get food and clothing. What a crazy world we live in today. They would rather we throw away good food and good clothing and not get anything from the dumpsters. Jesus is real, folks. Jesus even fed the hungry. Shouldn’t we be doing the same thing?

  2. erik mann on July 4, 2019 at 4:59 am

    once again the “heroes” and “public safety professionals” are keeping all the people of summerville safe from the hardened criminals and ne’er do wells and pushing back the tide or lawlessness and criminality threatening to collapse western civilization.
    spitting, going thru dumpsters, what would we do without them?

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