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City Fails To Get Proposal On 80-Ft. Wooden Bridge Project

Plans to construct a wooden bridge over the creek in J.R. “Dick” Dowdy Park has run into a problem.
The City of Summerville doesn’t have anyone to build their 80-foot long bridge. The city asked for proposals and received none back.
“We will postpone the project for about a month, and we will try again,” City Manager Janice Galloway said. “I guess that is a small job and a lot of companies must be busy right now.”
The city is looking to extend its walking trail that stretches near Willow Spring Park on First Street to the city’s train depot on East Washington Street. To help with that effort, the Georgia Department of Community Affairs gave the city $120,720 to complete the project.
The city originally asked the state for $151,000 to complete this project.
As with a lot of grants, the city will have to include a cash match or do in-kind work. The city does not plan to use its dollars but instead will use employee labor to help construct an 80-foot bridge that is engineered to cross the park’s creek. It will be similar to the wooden pedestrian pathway bridge the city added between Highway 27 and First Street.
The trail will terminate on a piece of property on Economy Street that the city owns.

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