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Smoke Fills House With Five Sleeping Young Children

An investigation is underway to determine why a local man tossed a smoke bomb type-firecracker into a house filled with young children during the early morning hours Friday, according to Summerville Police.

Torria Ludy heard voices outside her residence around 1:25 a.m. She thought one of those voices belonged to a man she knows.

“[Ludy] states that the front door suddenly came open and that she saw [the man she knows] through the open door throw something into the living room. There was a sudden loud explosion and blinding light and she stated that she thought that some type of explosive device had been thrown into her residence. She was scared and in fear for her safety as wells as the children’s safety thinking that the explosion was going to set the house on fire,” Officer David Westbrooks stated.

Ludy had already put in bed five young children ranging in ages from 4 years old to a two-month-old, according to a police report.

“She and her roommate Jakyia Walker, immediately went to the children and got them out of the residence. She stated that the residence was full of smoke and that she had a hard time getting out of the residence fearing all the time the residence was on fire,” according to an incident report.

Officer Westbrooks was patrolling in the area and saw the commotion and asked if he could help.

“The residence was found not to be on fire, but a lot of smoke was still hanging inside the residence making it difficult to breathe and see,” the officer said.

The fire department was called to ventilate the house with a large fan.

Ludy told officers who tossed the firecracker inside the home. The case is under review and Westbrooks stated that warrants are forthcoming, according to a police report.

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