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Chattooga County Sheriff’s Reports . . .

The following reports were made in Chattooga County during the previous week, according to incident reports. They were:

* Someone stole $700 worth of fishing tackle from a Lyerly resident Friday evening, according to Chattooga County Sheriff’s reports.
Robert Gravett, of 43 North Chattooga Avenue, said someone stole the tackle from the backseat of his 2011 Chevrolet Silverado while it was parked in his driveway. A backpack and knife were also taken.
* George Robert Payne Jr., of Spring Creek Road, Trion, reported that someone had entered his truck and broke the center console that he keeps locked. Nothing appeared missing form the truck but there was damage to the center console of his black 2009 Nissan Titan.
* A Summerville teenager was arrested on July 2 after making threats on the lot of Marvin’s Building Supply’s parking lot. Deputy Tony Edwards said he tried to get Corey Deniro Ludy to stop in the parking lot but the suspect drove on.
“Upon giving the loud verbal command Mr. Ludy continued to flee. I then made a traffic stop at the intersection of Farrar drive and Senior Drive to make contact with the operator of the vehicle. . .” Deputy Edwards stated. “I ascertained why he did not comply with the loud verbal command to stop. Mr. Ludy then advised that he did not hear my command. At this time I asked Mr. Ludy to see his drivers license and he advised that he did not have a license.
Ludy was arrested for obstruction of an officer and driving without a license.
* Bryan Petitt, of Back Penn Road, in Pennville, reported that someone stole his safe from his living room.
“Mr. Petitt advised that the only items he could recall being in the safe were financial documents and a few family heirlooms which he inherited from his grandmother,” Deputy Corey Fielding reported.

* Watch for counterfeit $100 bills circulating around Chattooga County. Little Caesar’s Pizza, in Summerville, received one on July 2.
“While on scene I was able to obtain the fake $100.00 bill and upon examining the fake currency I did notice that it does state ‘For Motion Picture Use Only’ on both the front and back,” Deputy Fielding reported.

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