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Goat Headbutts Woman’s Car

A Chattooga County woman says her vehicle was damaged by a goat on Sunday afternoon, according to a sheriff’s report.

Glenda R. Hines said her red 2013 Toyota Corolla was damaged around 7:15 p.m. by a goat in the 4000 block of Spring Creek Road.

“Ms. Hines stated that the goat came onto the property and headbutted her vehicle causing a dent. She stated that they continue to have issues with the goat,” Sheriff’s Deputy Thomas Sainthill stated.

I spoke with Jimmy Sills who owns the property were the goat belongs. I advised him of the situation and he stated that he would get with Ms. Hines about the damage. He stated that the goat belongs to his nephew and that he would contact him to come pick up the goat,” Deputy Sainthill stated.

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