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Summerville Police Reports. . . .

The following are from incident reports by the City of Summerville Police Department. They include:

Someone threw a large rock at Clifford Bryant’s pickup truck while he was backing out of the Pay-And-Tote gas station on Hwy. 114 last Thursday.

“From the direction of the rock, it is believed that the person or persons were somewhere near the railroad tracks between Jim’s Family Restaurant and Pay-And-Tote. The victim was unable to see anyone at the time of the incident,” Officer David Westbrooks stated.

The rock hit the top of the truck’s cab causing a couple of dents and scratches, according to a report.


*   *   *
Howard Slicker said he bought a 2002 Jeep Liberty from a wrecker company for $500 last week. After making some repairs on the vehicle, he discovered that a loan store had the vehicle’s title.

Slicker asked cops to write a report about the incident. Officer David Westbrooks said Slicker would need to talk with the magistrate judge about getting money back for the cash he spent on making repairs.


*   *   *
Amanda Perry and Trey Dixon were fighting at 140 Scoggins Street on Friday night.

“Both subjects” were hitting and pushing each other. In the process, Dixon allegedly broke a cellphone belonging to Perry.

“[Dixon] also admitted to burning $25 in cash that belonged to [Perry] on the front porch,” Officer Westbrooks stated.

They were both cited for disorderly conduct, according to a report.


*   *   *

Vicky Darnell said someone stole two white lawn chairs from her residence on Bellah Avenue on Friday or Saturday, according to officer Matt Pritchard.

Each chair is valued at $75.


*   *   *
Randy Wilson said someone broke into his Jeep Wrangler and stole a $179 soundbar on Saturday.

“The soundbar is made specifically for a Jeep and is attached to the roll bar,” Officer Steve Bates said.

Wilson’s wife told the cop she saw a man with a ponytail walking down the street and seemed, “particularly interested in the Jeep parked in the yard,” Officer Bates reported.


*  *  *
Nakesia Thomas, of Summerville, said someone broke into her Summerville Garden Apartment on Friday. Nothing was noted missing from the residence.

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