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Chris Willis Explains Why Rec Ball Seasons Shorter

The baseball season is now shorter in recreational youth baseball leagues, according to Summerville Recreation Center employee Chris Willis.
This year Summerville had about 23 teams. They played local teams as well as LaFayette teams.
“How many kids did you have this year in ball? Up or down?” Councilman David Ford asked the rec employee.
“It was the same as last year. We had 60 teams overall because we brought LaFayette in the league with us. But as far as ours, we had around 22 or 23 teams from Summerville,” Willis said.
“Why doesn’t baseball season last longer than it does? I’ve heard a lot of people say, ‘Hell, the thing is over as soon as school is out,” Councilman Buddy Windle said.
“It starts about three weeks earlier than it used to. It’s because of all the postseason tournaments and all have now moved up in front of the Fourth [of July],” Willis said.
Local teams have to play against each other before post-season play.
“I just hear a lot of people that are disappointed that it’s not longer than it is,” Windle said.
“We hear it too,” Willis said.

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