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Chattooga County Sheriff’s Reports. . .

The following are incident reports from the Chattooga County Sheriff’s department that were released recently. They include:

* Jessie Miller, of Gore-Subligna Road, said his neighbor’s dog was in his yard and had attacked his dogs previously.
“Mr. Miller stated his neighbor began using hand gestures towards him when he drove by after animal control went to his neighbor’s residence,” deputy David King reported. “I advised both parties to not make contact with each other and if any other issues arise to contacted Chattooga County Sheriff’s Office or contact the Magistrate Court.”

* Someone stole two gasoline cans from Tommy Warnock’s residence on Dry Valley Church Road near Trion.
“One was a five-gallon yellow diesel can with about two gallons of diesel fuel and the other was a five-gallon red can with about one gallon of gas in it. Mr. Warnock advised that he had located the yellow can empty and broken next to the parking lot across the street from the Dry Valley Baptist Church,” Deputy Nicole Sprague stated.

* Michael Melon, of Horton Road, in Summerville, said someone spray-painted his 1999 Chevrolet Silverado with graffiti.

* William Sipsy told Deputy Sprague that he bought a motorcycle several months ago with no title.  In the process of getting a bonded title, he needed to get the VIN checked through GCIC.
“I then ran the VIN through Chattooga 911 and it returned as a stolen motorcycle,” the deputy stated.
Sipsy said he bought the motorcycle from a man in Chattanooga for $500.
“Mr. Sipsy stated he had paid $500 for the motorcycle and had done a lot of work to it to get it running and had put insurance on it.”
The case has been turned over to an investigator.

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