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Summerville Police Reports . . . .

Summerville police officers found several people’s checks, a passport and other documents inside a vehicle on July13.

Officer Marvin Armstrong stopped a 2003 Chevrolet truck because it had its registration was expired. When the officer started looking around, he spotted a grey and orange document holder with various people’s IDs.

“As I opened the holder, I noticed that there were several checks that did not belong to either subjects in the vehicle.  . .”Officer Armstrong stated. “One of the checks was wrote out to Ms. Hanna Elrod for a time share. Also inside the holder were several different checks from different subjects and also had an expired passport belonging to Scott Hamilton and two IDs one belonging to a Renee Payne Dalton and the other belonging to Ms. Randi Mitchell Willis. I took possession of the items to turn it over to investigations.”


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A Summerville property owner claims two people have been “squatting” [staying without being welcomed] on property that doesn’t belong to the squatters, according to a police report.

Corey Evans was out of town and when he returned home Thursday, he noticed two people were staying at an empty residence.

The caretaker of the property said they would not press charges against the squatters if they would leave by 5 p.m. The squatters told the officer that they would comply.

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