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Trion Dog Killed By Unknown Shooter

Someone shot a Trion man’s dog on July 17, according to Chattooga County Sheriff’s reports.

Eric Millican, of Short Hollow Road, said some unknown person shot his dog after it escaped from his property.

“Mr. Millican said that his dog had been at his neighbor’s house on a previous date and had got into the trash. He stated that he had spoke with the neighbor and had started putting his dogs on a leash. Mr. Millican stated that his dog had got loose and had been loose for approximately one hour. He stated that he went searching for the dog and found the dog in the woods across from his neighbor’s house dead from what appeared to be a bullet wound,” Deputy Thomas Sainthill reported.

Deputies also reported during the past week, according to incident reports, that:

* A Mountain View Road resident said someone opened her gate and let a dog out. Whoever opened the gate also got insider the resident’s car around 2:50 a.m. Friday.

* Resident Samantha Witten said someone stole a metal vase off her father’s tombstone. “Ms. Witten stated that it had been a couple of weeks since she had been to the graveyard,” Deputy Thomas Sainthill stated.

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