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Summerville Police Reports . . . .

Summerville Police answered the following calls during the past few days, according to incident reports. They were:

* Michael David Hoake, 55, of Lyerly, was cited for public intoxication on Monday afternoon.

Summerville Police Officer Phillip Cox spotted Hoake walking along Hwy. 27 near Henry’s Barbecue. Hoake appeared confused and smelled of alcohol, according to a police report.

“Subject was unsteady with his walk and was intoxicated to a point it was unsafe for himself as well as others. Subject stated his wife had put him out. Subject lived on Back Valley Road in Lyerly. Subject could not come up with any family for me to contact to pick him up. Subject had nowhere in city to go. Chattooga Sheriff’s office did not have a unit available to transported to Lyerly. When asked how much he had to drink, he stated, ‘Enough.’”

* Alton Luther Shaw Jr., 34, of Summerville, was arrested for disorderly conduct on Monday night.

“[Shaw] was involved in a domestic dispute with Tara Shireman. [Shaw] was located on Marvin Avenue. [Shaw] left when told to stop but pulled over at Circle K. Subject tested positive for alcohol but not enough for DUI,” Officer Steve Bates stated.

* Tara Michelle Shireman, 37, of Summerville was arrested for disorderly conduct Monday night. “Subject was involved in a domestic dispute with Alton Shaw Jr. Mr. Shaw had scratches on his chest, back, arm and neck,” Officer Bates stated.

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