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Summerville Police Reports. . .

A special needs man is being harassed by an unwanted admirer, according to Summerville Police reports.
Rosie Ingle, of Summerville, said her son, who is special needs, is receiving harassing text messages from a woman. Officers talked with the son and he doesn’t want any contact from the woman. Police attempted to contact the woman and inform her to stay away.

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Teresa Cuzort, of Summerville, said her phone was plugged up and charging when it was stolen Saturday afternoon.

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Chuck Noles, of Summerville, was mowing the lawn at the Crushed Tomato when he noticed that the back window on his green 1994 Chevrolet truck was shattered.
“The complainant states that he don’t think he could have busted it but did not know if a motorist or a passing by pedestrian may have busted his window,” Summerville Police Officer Phillip Cox reported.

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