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Local Bank Teller Arrested For Stealing Money

A local bank teller was arrested Monday for stealing cash from a customers’ accounts, according to Summerville Police reports.

First National Bank Inc., of Summerville, received a complaint that a customer’s bank account was missing funds. Banker Bill Tutton started reviewing video footage inside the bank and noticed a teller acting suspiciously.

“On July 24, Tutton provided me with video footage and documentation from the bank relating to the employee thefts that he had reported,” Chief Police Detective Brian Ozment reported.

The video allegedly shows 22-year-old Jasmine Carico, of Trion, using fraudulent withdrawal slips to steal money from customer accounts.

Starting on June 21, Carico made six withdrawals totaling more than $15,300, according to police reports.

“These fraudulent transactions were processed as counter withdrawals such as if a customer came into the bank without their checkbook and wanted to withdraw money from their account,” Det. Ozment stated. “A review of the video footage revealed Carico had no customers at her window during the time she processed five of the six fraudulent transactions and appeared to be surreptitiously looking around so as to avoid detection. On the remaining transaction, Carico solicits the help of an unknown co-worker in another part of the building to process the fraudulent transaction for Carico by claiming to not have enough money her drawer to process it. On this transaction, Carico is seen returning to her work area with the envelope of money and detouring to a closet-like are where her pursue would be kept. She then re-emerges without the envelope of money.”

She was arrested for financial identity fraud, four counts of third-degree forgery and two counts of fourth-degree forgery, according to jail records.

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