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Three Upset That They Couldn’t Buy Beer

Three men staying at the Summerville Coach Inn became irate when they couldn’t purchase beer from Pay-n-Tote on July 24, according to police reports.

Store clerk Levi Stanfield said two Hispanic males entered the store and wanted to buy beer. One didn’t have a valid ID and the other was underaged.

A third male walked into the store and attempted to buy the beer for them. The storeowner told the clerk not to sell the beer because of the minor trying to buy it.

“Mr. Stanfield stated that upon hearing the news the third subject became irate and left the store screaming as he walked back to the Coach Inn,” Summerville Police Officer Jo Stricklin stated. “I spoke with the subjects at the Coach Inn and advised them of the reasoning behind not being able to purchase the beer and they understood and apologized for the mistake.”

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